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Management Accountant and Tax Practitioner

Bizzacc Lynnwood was established to deliver affordable, unique, tailor-made accounting solutions to all our clients. Our visionary approach to financial management allows our clients to achieve financial wealth through business growth
I am an established Pretoria Accountant. Our firm is  based in Pretoria East and is run with passion and zest. We provide bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and taxation services to small, medium and large businesses and individuals. Our clients are our main priority and our aim is to provide excellent services at affordable rates.
My passion for small business is driven by being one myself. I believe in ethical and responsible accounting. We do not just do your books but we also become your friend, advisor and confidant, allowing us to advise you on every aspect of your financial well being. If you are looking for a Pretoria accountant, Look no further, Contact me today

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Outsourced Financial Management

My outsourced finance services can cover any area of your finance functions, from bookkeeping and tax returns to credit control.

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Payroll is an essential function in your business. With Our Oursourced Payroll Services we give your business the flexibility to make payroll as simple as 1..2..3…

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Tax Management

My Taxation services include submissions, registrations, independent contractors and commission income tax returns, I also offer a comprehensive suite of VAT and related tax services

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Hospitality Financial Management

I provide a quality accounting and financial management service to the industry based on quality experience and knowledge

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Tax Special

transparent-buzzacc-individual-tax Tax season is between 1 July and 25 November every year. Bizzacc offers a unique special personal tax service by assisting individuals with completing and submitting their Tax Returns, including proper tax planning and maximizing available deductions. We can also assist you with dealing with SARS.

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January  Business Income Tax Return (If the business year ends in February)
February Second Provisional Tax Return (Based on current year income)
March Submission of Workmen’s Compensation Return (If you employ anyone you must get registered)
May   Annual Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Reconciliations (If you take money from your business or you pay any salaries or wages)
August First Provisional Tax Return (Based on the first six months of income)
August According to the new Companies Act 2011 all companies must have financial statements signed off within 6 months after financial year end
October Bi-Annual PAYE Reconciliation (Based on 6 months salaries and wages paid)
November Submission of Income Tax Return for all Individuals
Birthday month of the company (Date of registration) – CIPC (A levy is payable to CIPC annually to keep your company registered)
Annual Returns  If you are registered for PAYE – Monthly returns must be submitted on the 7th of each monthIf you are registered for VAT – You will submit your VAT return every second month on or before the 31st if on e-filing Remember, most of these returns will result in an outflow of money to your accountant for submission as well
reach your business goals

Reach your financial business goals

Our custom financial management solutions are built to work for you and to make sure you reach your business goals and objectives. All our solutions are designed to take your business to a stable and care free situation. The financial world with all it’s regulations is evolving at the speed of light and what used to work a few years ago is not that effective anymore. To stay ahead of your competitors and complying to the SARS regulation it is crucial that you entrust your financial management to professionals with the right experience. Our process is simple and it works.

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Why do you need a Business Accountant

While few businesses will need to employing a full-time accountant, you will often need to use the services of an outside accountant or financial business strategist to help compile your accounts, give advice on business processes or check that financial records are in order and up to date. An accountant can also help to manage a business’s tax payments, its payroll and a variety of administrative and regulatory duties.

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Starting a company is a dream that most of us never realise fully because of the challenges that come with it. You may know what you want to build a business around but that does not substitute for the fact that there are many other facets of running a business that have to do with much more than just your passion.

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“Nadine is always efficient and pleasant to do business with - the fact that she is often available on a Saturday makes it really convenient for me. She take the headache out of tax returns.” Judi V


“Very accommodating, keeps us on the right track with our Accounts and efficient on ensuring tax deadlines are met. I would recommend Nadine to anyone ” Francine Nel


Nadine is not your normal run of the mill bean counter and you can trust her implicitly to come up with financial solutions for all of your business needs. Sorry Nadine, your not a bean counter really !! Craig Bogett

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